A full range of Personal Training services, all available in your own homeI don’t work in a gym like a lot of the personal trainers out there, I work freelance and I come to you.

We can work in your home, garden or local park, whichever is the most convenient. As this means you don’t have to travel to the gym it automatically saves you time, it is just you, me and some simple equipment. Just get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you need.

Personal Training At Home

There are so many advantages to Personal Training in the comfort of your own home.

Just imagine the benefits of not having to travel to the gym, not having to find expensive gym fees and not having to worry about child-care or even leaving your own home.

  • No need for expensive gym memberships
  • No contracts and no financial "tie in"
  • As many sessions per week as you'd like
  • Your busy family life comes first
  • No need to travel for miles to a gym
  • Train around your other commitments
  • You can have complete privacy
  • You have my complete discretion
  • Flexible training is very cost effective

Train At Home 7 Days A Week

I work 7 days a week at hours to suit you.

I have an initial, completely free consultation with all my clients which can be done at home, in a local café or even a walk in the local park. We discuss what it is that you want to get from this programme, what your aims and objectives are, if you have any time restraints or other special requirements and your current fitness levels.

I will then tailor a programme to YOUR goals.

We will look at any exercises or areas of fitness that you like or dislike, and I will design a personal programme around your preferences. I need you to enjoy your programme, this is the best and most effective way I have of ensuring that you reach your goals. I am not saying it is going to be easy, but it should be fun.

We will also discuss nutrition, have a look at what you are eating now and talk about ways to change that if needed, to help you reach your goal.

Below is an outline of the services I offer:

One To One Personal Training

One on one personal training at home could be perfect for your busy lifeThis is carried out either in your own home or garden or even at the local park. Whichever way of training you prefer, I can create a programme to help you.

I travel to you and supply all the necessary equipment needed for the training sessions. Personal Training sessions typically last an hour, including warm up and cool down. We focus on what your goals are but generally there will be cardio, resistance work and some core/ab work.

You can have as few or as many sessions a week as you like. We can also discuss nutrition, talk about any concerns you have and look at ways of improving your diet.

Small Group Sessions (up to 6 people)

These are usually carried out outside due to people often having limited space at home, however if the space is adequate, than in house training can be done. These sessions are an hour long and consist of interval training using cardio and resistance workouts.

If you choose to train with friends you may find that you have more motivation and support to get started and to keep going on the journey to a new you.

Whether you choose to train alone, with a friend or small group of friends, we can find the perfect balance for you. it's essential that you enjoy your training so you feel more energised and motivated to continue towards your goals. All you need to do now is to contact me so we can develop the perfect programme for you.

HIIT Training

This is a fast, efficient and effective workout to fit around your busy day.

If you are looking at improving your general fitness then a 30 minute HIIT session is available. These sessions can be done in your home or outside. It is a no nonsense workout and we'll work hard for 30 seconds and then rest for 45-60 seconds and repeat.

HIIT is not easy. You need to be aware of how hard you'll work, but the results are fantastic. There are no shorcuts to getting the results you dream of. You can achieve whatever you want, but there's work to be done. We can do it together and I'd love to help you on your journey.